Tomasz Drybala

Tomasz Drybala is a Keynote Speaker, Flow and Mindful Running Teacher, Extreme Runner and Author of the book "Flow Up - Live And Work In The Flow And Unlock Focus, Creativity And Joy." Tom teaches individuals and organisations how to use mindful running to get from anxiety, stress, and overwhelm caused by unresolved traumas to the state of Flow. Live and work in the Zone, and unlock focus, creativity and joy. His ultra-running challenges consist of five million steps in 101 days and running 11,000 kilometres unsupported through Asia. Currently, Tom is running 2,500 km through the United Kingdom and in August 2022, he will start running 40,075 kilometres, which is the circumference of the Earth. Driven by a passion for creating global change, Tom supports UNICEF to keep children safe with a primary focus on child protection and education. As an ambassador for the Wave Trust charity, he aid the World Health Organization Task Force in connecting communities committed to preventing adverse childhood experiences and building trauma-informed societies.