Do Traumatic Experiences Make You Feel Stuck In Life?

Do Traumatic Experiences Make You Feel Stuck In Life?

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever felt that something was holding you back in life? That you can do more and achieve more. 

But somehow, you got stuck with your plans and goals, and at one point, you couldn’t move forward or maybe even started moving backwards. Be it in sports, business, career or relationship.

Our Painful Memories = Traumatic Experiences.

Now I can easily talk about mental health. But for the first 40 years of my life, I felt anxious, stressed and overwhelmed with almost everything I did. 

And I didn’t know I could feel any different. I have been told that’s normal. This is life. That’s how it is.

I have often described it as if I had a clenched fist in my stomach holding me in the same place. 

Sometimes I felt it stronger. Sometimes it was realising. But it was always inside me. It was always holding me. 

Looking at me from the outside, I should be happy. I have a family, house, car, and business. I was regularly going on holiday. Yet, something was making me feel like I got stuck in life.

Patterns That Make Us Feeling Stuck In Life.

Sometimes our stories and experiences cause an emotional storm inside us. Because our memories can have a powerful impact on our thoughts, how we feel and behave and ultimately on our bodies.

A few years ago, I discovered that I was repeating a pattern in my life. It seems I am subconsciously forcing myself to return to feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelming.

During the long process of discovering my true self, I have learned that all my anxieties, stresses and overwhelms are rooted in several traumatic experiences that occurred in my childhood.

And I know what you are probably thinking. It wasn’t me. I had a loving and carrying family. Same as me. 

But traumatic experiences are not only domestic violence, death of caregivers or surviving the war.

Traumatic Experiences Examples.

A traumatic experience is an event that has made a special impression on us, rather negative or shocking, and has become our kind of trauma.

This can be as simple as standing in front of a class at 10 and expressing an unpopular opinion on a popular topic. Then you are criticized by the teacher and ridiculed by classmates.

This may prevent you from expressing your own opinion or be afraid of public speaking for the rest of your life.

A traumatic experience can be your first unhappy love and can cause relationship difficulties when you are an adult. Not only romantic relationships. But also with friends, family and work colleagues.

Or, for example, living with a parent who always criticizes himself can make you criticize yourself and, as a result, give up on your goals before you even start working on them.

Or you were running around school with your friends, and you had a knee injury, and this could prevent you from winning running races because you are subconsciously afraid of the pain.

Passing Traumatic Experiences On The Next Generation.

These traumatic experiences can affect us dramatically for the rest of our lives if we don’t heal them.

But not only that, if we do not heal our traumatic experiences, they will keep coming back to us, and we will pass them on to the next generation. On our children.

And you know, when I found out all this, I was terrified if I didn’t change it. If I don’t heal my past traumatic experiences, my painful memories. If I do not break the cycle, I will pass it on to my sons. And I didn’t want my sons to feel like I did for most of my life.

We cannot fully protect our children from traumatic experiences in their lives. It’s part of our existence. But we can show them how they can heal from it.

Running And Teaching About Traumatic Experiences.

For me, it all started with the need and wants to improve my mental health. I joke with people that one day I go out for a run to improve my mental health, and “things go a little crazy.”

I’m an extreme runner.

I made 5 million steps in 101 days. Then I run 11,000 km through Asia, and now for 40 months, I’m running the circumference of the earth, 40,075 km. 

I’m passing four continents and 22 countries, building trauma-informed communities, and conducting hundreds of events at universities, colleges, businesses and government institutions. 

Teaching people how to implement mindful movement techniques into their life, get rid of anxiety, stress and overwhelm and unlock focus, creativity and joy.

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