I’m On a Mission To Reach a Billion People With My Messages

I’m On a Mission To Reach a Billion People With My Messages.

And here we are. Everything I’ve been working towards for the past few years. It’s now happening. And honestly, I’m excited. I’m like a child on Christmas Eve. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are bits and pieces that I worry about every so often. But I start running, and everything else just has to fall into place. It’s actually relatively simple from that perspective.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about walking out my front door, starting running, and don’t come back home until I’ve run the circumference of the Earth – a little over 40,000km.

To warm up to run such an expressive distance, I recently completed running 2,500 km across the UK and Poland in support of UNICEF.

Now I’m starting running through the United States, then onwards to South East Asia, the Middle East and finishing in Europe and The United Kingdom. 

There’ll be philanthropic events, and workshops to teach mindful movement, and there’ll be research conducted by leading sports scientists from England. All in all, it’s going to be a busy few years.

But to understand why that’s happening we really have to start at the beginning. We have to talk about Childhood Trauma. About my sons. And about focusing on the next 15 minutes.

Mission To Reach a Billion People With My Messages.

I had a few traumatic experiences when I was younger. They had a real and profound effect on me. Only, I didn’t realise it at the time. In fact, I didn’t even realise it until about 30 years later.

I was going through a tough time and started my first running challenges in Asia to resolve my mental health issues. A deep spiritual transformation led me to the realisation that I had unresolved traumas from my childhood that continued to affect me every single day. And these manifested themselves in me through anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

I started learning about it more, and I discovered a wider definition of trauma and that as a parent, if we don’t heal our past traumatic experiences, we will pass it on to our children. 

It was at that moment I learned I was repeating the cycle of what my parents passed on to me and what their parents passed on to them. And that upset me. So I decided that would change. That the cycle would stop with me. That my sons would be inspired to live a better life.

Worldwide Childhood Trauma.

During one of my previous challenges, I was running through the Philippines, and I came face-to-face with childhood trauma, and it nearly broke me. It was heartbreaking.

I was running through Manila, and the sights I was seeing were terrible. I saw kids running around naked. I saw them looking in trash cans for food. I saw them sleeping alone on the streets.

I couldn’t cope with it and left Manila. The gulf between the rich and the poor was so extreme. And I just couldn’t stand to see these children in so much pain. Especially while others lived in such luxury. Don’t get me wrong, the Philippines isn’t the only country with this problem. I’d just never seen children living like this before.

I felt guilty about leaving afterwards. That I should’ve stayed and helped. But in reality, there wasn’t anything I could do really. It’s a problem which is too big for me to resolve alone. But I did decide there and then that I would do my bit and try to help. 

My Message.

Throughout my running challenge, I’ll be conducting over 100 philanthropic events to raise funds for UNICEF so they can continue their work of keeping children safe. We’ll be also building trauma-informed communities.

I believe that there’s a lack of awareness of what childhood trauma is. And how widespread it is.

Childhood trauma isn’t just about physical experiences. It’s not just being beaten or abused. Or being bullied. It’s all kinds of trauma. And there’s a great chance you experienced some too.

Childhood trauma is any experience that leaves you feeling vulnerable and then follows you through life, affecting you as an adult and how you deal with things.

Running With The Flow.

Running 40,000 km sounds difficult, in fact, it is. After all, I will be running 75 km daily, four-time per week, for the next 40 months. But I’m actually more ready for it than I was for my previous challenges. 

During running 5 million steps and 11,000 km through Asia, I discovered the state of Flow. That is, I was using mindful movement to unlock peak performance. I was in full Flow or the Zone, in other words. And with this, I found I was able to crush it in all areas of my life.

What’s Flow, you might ask? Flow is being entirely focused on the task at hand and losing focus on other external stimuli. For me, it’s borne out of the fact that I only ever focus on the next 15 minutes when I’m running. On the next 2.5km. I never focus on running 75km a day or on my speed. I just keep myself present and focus on the next 15 minutes.

This then enables me to focus on tasks for hours at a time, and I rarely got distracted. I was simply riding the wave of productivity. And I found that this new mindful way of working started to positively affect the other areas of my life too.

I was happier. I was more creative. I was resilient. I was in peak performance. And when I started to share this experience with people they were extremely curious.

I ended up being a keynote speaker at Universities across South East Asia. Presenting my experiences and teaching people what I was learning. And eventually, sports scientists in England got involved.

Groundbreaking Research.

They want to understand what’s happening. How I’m able to be so productive and perform at such peak performance. How my mental health has massively improved. And how I’m achieving this despite putting my body through such extreme exertion.

You see, most people struggle with short attention spans and low productivity. And this affects businesses and people because we now work in a service-based economy. Where knowledge is king. And our brainpower is our tool.

So, scientists are curious about how I’m able to focus on tasks for extended periods of time. And how different factors affect this.

As an added part of the research, they’re also curious about how nutrition and hydration affect my running ability and how that nutrition affects my overall health.

Flow Up Weekends.

Speaking of the running community, there’s an opportunity for them, for you, to learn about flow and mindful movement too. You see, throughout my Flow Up Global Ultra-Running challenge, I’ll also be leading mindful running workshops.

These events will be your chance to learn firsthand about how to live and run more mindfully. Which will lead to more creativity, more happiness, more focus, and effectively, more flow. A life lived in tandem with the flow.

This will then impact your life by improving your productivity at work and also being able to be much more present in the important moments in your life. 

The result is that you’re much more likely to be successful at work with greater output, but also you’re much more likely to have a happier home life. To understand what’s happening and why so you can make a positive impact.

Having A Positive Impact On A Billion People.

Reaching out to a billion people with my message is symbolic. It demonstrates that our lives have no limits. If I manage to inspire one person a day, that’s a life worth living. 

Because ultimately, that’s the point of life isn’t it? To have a positive impact on those around you. Me, I want to be an inspiration for my sons. To show them it’s possible to live a great life. 

Whereas for you it might be about being the best leader you can be, writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, or simply being more in control of your emotions.

Whatever your goal is, it all comes down to the next 15 minutes. And the next 15 minutes. And the next 15 minutes…

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