Mindful Teeth Brushing Exercise

Mindful Teeth Brushing Exercise.

At first glance, this might sound a bit silly, but brushing your teeth is a great activity for practising mindfulness because it’s so repetitive.

This training will help you increase the stability of your attention, set the tone for a peaceful day and a peaceful night, and experience each and every moment with more sense of ease.

When you practice it, at some point, you will realise that your mind wandered off, and you started thinking about something else. 

Each time you notice it, let go of that thought and bring your attention back to brushing your teeth. 

If you are new to meditation or mindfulness, you might be surprised how often your mind starts thinking and wanders off. But that’s absolutely normal. That’s what our mind is made for, and it happens to all of us.

Our goal is not to try not to think. The goal is not to get attached to those thoughts. Not to be judgemental and to be present in this moment.

So just simply accept your thoughts and let them go, without judging them, as soon as you notice them. And then back to the task at hand. So to brushing your teeth.

How To Practice Mindful Tooth Brushing.

Start by noticing what you can see. 

  • What is the colour of your toothpaste? 
  • What can you hear?
  • Pay attention to your arm moving from side to side and the sound of the toothbrush against your teeth.
  • Are you moving your toothbrush in a circular motion? 
  • Or up and down?

You don’t need to think about it. It’s more about being present and noticing all those things.

Now focus on your sensations.

  • How does toothpaste smell? 
  • What is the flavour?
  • How does it feel like on your teeth?
  • Does it taste strong? 
  • Do you like the taste?

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